Wellness Coordination

Wellness Coordination

Meet the Staff

Elysia Ingram, MBA-HM, LPN
Elysia Ingram, MBA-HM, LPN

Registered Nurse

Wellness Coordination is a State Funded service that extends beyond the services provided through routine doctor and health care visits.

A Wellness Coordinator guides a client towards improving overall health and also guides Support
Staff in their role of assisting a client towards wellness. Health Outcomes may be focused on
prevention, maintenance, and improvement.

This includes:

  • Completing a Risk and Wellness Assessment to ensure the best medical and health coordination is provided for each client
  • Developing, overseeing and maintaining a Risk Plan and Wellness Coordination Plan
  • Training of direct support staff to ensure implementation of plans including medication and specialized equipment training
  • Consultation with the individual's health care providers as needed
  • Face to face consultations with the client
  • Reporting quarterly to the client's Individualized Support Team on the Wellness Coordination Plan to address whether outcomes are being achieved or need revision
  • Reviewing and revising plans annually and as needed, when there is a new diagnosis, hospitalization, or change in status

This service is provided through the CIH Medicaid Waiver. Meaningful Day Services welcomes the opportunity to enhance the wellness of our clients.