Mental Wellness Webinar Series

Stress Management

Andrew Hirsch, MSW LSW
Shanea Brodhacker, MA

Date and Time:
Sept 25th 10-11am:

Stress looks different for everyone. How individuals recognize and deal with stress is an important part in living a healthy life. In this webinar, your presenters will discuss what different types of stress look like, how to discuss stress with the person you are caring for and strategies to reduce and react to stress.

Mental Health in Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Kimberly Newcombe, MA, LMHCA
Jessica Hurst, MSW

Date and Time:
Oct 2nd 10-11am

Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities are more likely to develop a Psychiatric Disorder than the general population. Kimberly Newcombe and Jessica Hurst will discuss why correct diagnosis can be difficult, risk factors that lead to Psychiatric Disorders, what to look for in the person you are caring for and how to discuss concerns with doctors and other professionals. The goal of this presentation is to provide an in depth look at the different Psychiatric Disorders to support those caring for individuals by teaching ways to advocate and obtain the correct treatment to ensure quality of life.

Understanding Behavior and Implementing Behavior Strategies

Michelle Richey, MSW, LSW
Sabrina Starr, MA

Date and Time:
Oct 9th 10-11am

Behavior can be very confusing. Sometimes it looks like it happens for no reason at all! As behavior consultants, Michelle Richey and Sabrina Starr know that there is motivation and reasoning behind every behavior. This presentation will teach participants the different causes and functions of behavior and behavior strategies to support behavior change.

Register for this Webinar Series

To register for this webinar series, please fill out the registration form below. Please note that if you are a parent or caretaker of an individual enrolled in an Indiana Medicaid Waiver program, Meaningful Day Services is accepting Family and Caregiver Training (FCAR) funding for these webinar events.

FCAR funding reimburses for educational materials or training programs, workshops, and conferences for caregivers that are directly related to the caregiver's role in supporting the participant in areas specified in the PCISP. Please contact your case manager to find out more. Please note that verification of approved FCAR funding will be required to access webinars and training materials if you plan to use this funding source. A private pay option is also available.

Cost to register:  $175

Included in the package:  
  • 3 live webinars
  • 30-day email chat group with trainers and other participants 
  • mental health resources
  • access to webinar recordings
  • printable certificate of completion

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