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About our company

Meaningful Day Services, Inc. (MDS) is an Indiana-based company that provides therapies, residential and adult day supports to individuals with developmental disabilities. Meaningful Day Services was initially developed in 1994, as it became apparent there were significant shortages for quality home based therapy services for individuals with disabilities. Our staff continues to bring compassionate experience in serving individuals with disabilities. We now offer therapeutic services statewide in Indiana to ensure that quality services are available for the disabled population across the state.

Our mission

Providing quality, hands-on services that enhance and improve the independence of each unique individual.

The variety of services that are provided is meant to be unique for each individual that we serve.

This also means that the quality of our services will be measured by the same standard regardless of funding sources. Our commitment to our clients is long term!

Our employees establish individual relationships with each of their clients. Every one of our Meaningful Day Services’ clients is our most important!

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